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Executive Functioning Support

Areas of Support

Executive functioning skills impact a child's success across multiple curriculum areas.

Distinct from typical tutoring, executive functioning coaching explicitly teaches students the skills they need to manage their learning tasks. A student may work on effective agenda use, managing and prioritizing time, or developing effective study skills.

Executive functioning coaching may also focus on backward planning and sequencing skills for large-scale academic projects, time management, or organization coaching. A focus on supporting a child's executive functioning skills can support him or her across multiple curriculum areas.

Student Profile

Executive functioning support may be warranted if a child is exhibiting any of these signs:

  • Difficulty getting started with tasks, or with persisting and finishing

  • Trouble prioritizing when faced with multiple tasks

  • Forgetfulness and disorganization with belongings and learning materials

  • Backpack, desk, and locker are messy and disorganized with loose papers and materials

  • Sticks with a plan even when it’s clear that the plan isn’t working.

  • Loses track of time and is often still “in the middle of something”