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Math Support

Areas of Support

We support students with weak math skills across multiple different areas:

  • Conceptual Understanding (number sense, probability and data management, geometry, patterning and algebra, and measurement)

  • Operations

  • Problem-Solving

  • Math Fluency

Methods and Programming

We create customized programming to target individual student learning profiles using a variety of research-validated programs:

  • Direct Instruction (Corrective Mathematics)

  • JUMP Math K - 8

  • Lindamood-Bell On Cloud Nine

  • Rocket Math

  • Ronit Bird dyscalculia resources

Student Profile

Math support may be warranted if a child is exhibiting any of these signs:

  • Difficulty learning and recalling basic math facts, such as 3 + 4 = 7.

  • Anxiety with math

  • Counts on fingers for operations, despite other more sophisticated strategies

  • Has trouble with place value, often putting numbers in the wrong column

  • Troubles understanding math language and coming up with a plan to solve a math problem

  • Difficulty keeping score in sports games and gym activities

  • Avoidance of situations that require understanding numbers, like playing games that involve math